The Casablanca Stock Exchange closes very slightly

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended without much change on Wednesday after another calm session, its main index, the Masi, losing 0.1% to 11,526.42 points.

The Morocco Stock Index 20 (MSI20) stabilized at 940.39 points, while the Madex, a compact index made up of stocks quoted on a continuous basis, lost 0.12% to 9,366.92 points.

With regard to the international indices, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 stood at 10,511.85 points (-0.01%) and the FTSE Morocco All-Liquid at 9,852.73 points (-0.07%).

The benchmark Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) “Casablanca ESG 10 ″ recorded a small drop of 0.02% to 878.37 points.

At the end of this day, 12 sectors of the 24 represented on the Casablanca coast finished in the red, against 6 up, while the remaining six showed no variation.

The “Pharmaceutical industry” index had the best performance of the session (+ 1.83%), thanks to the good performance of Sothema (+ 2%).

The “Agri-food / production” sector grew by 0.59%, driven by the majority of its stocks, in particular Centrale Danone (+ 1.96%), Lesieur Cristal (+ 1.16%), Cosumar (+ 0.6%) and Mutandis SCA (+ 0.21%).

The “Transport Services” index gained 0.42%, that of “Building and Construction Materials” 0.29% and “Beverages” 0.21%.

On the losing side, the “Forestry and Paper” index showed the largest drop (-3.95%), followed by that of “Holding Companies” (-3.18%) and “Oil and Gas ”(-1.55%).

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