Suspension of AstraZeneca Vaccine Trials in Children

The University of Oxford said it has suspended a small trial in the UK testing the COVID-19 vaccine developed with AstraZeneca in children and adolescents, pending more data on rare blood clotting problems in children. adults who have received the vaccine.

The halt to the trial is the latest blow to the vaccine, long hailed as a milestone in the fight against the pandemic, after several countries limited its use in light of reports of medical problems after the inoculations.

If there are no concerns regarding the safety of the pediatric clinical trial, we await further information from the MHRA., the British regulator, on rare cases of thrombosis that have been reported in adults, before proceeding with further vaccinations in the trial, the British university said in a statement.

Parents and children should continue to attend scheduled visits and can contact trial sites if they have any questions., added the university.

The university announced in February that it planned to enroll 300 UK-based volunteers aged 6 to 17 in the study.

The European Medicines Agency is examining reports of an extremely rare cerebral blood clot known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) after AstraZeneca injections, and is expected to announce its results on Thursday.

A senior EMA official said there is a clear association between the vaccine and CVST, although the direct cause of the clots is still unknown.

The World Health Organization, which is closely studying the latest data on AstraZeneca’s vaccine alongside other regulators, said on Tuesday it expected there to be no reason to change his assessment that the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risks.

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Discussions with governments across Europe over the vaccine’s production, supplies, possible side effects and merits plagued the Anglo-Swedish drugmaker for months.

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