Palestine: Joe Biden resumes aid and pleads for two-state solution

The United States, under the leadership of the new Democratic administration, announced Wednesday the resumption of aid to the Palestinians. On the Israeli-Palestinian issue, President Joe Biden also reaffirmed his position aimed at a two-state solution.

While the previous administration, that of Donald Trump, had cut its aid to the Palestinians while closing the PLO office in Washington, and clearly inscribing a pro-Israel position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the president Joe Biden decided with this position on Wednesday.

In his statement, the head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, affirmed that American aid to the Palestinian people “serves the interests and the values ​​of the United States” and that it brings “crucial aid to those who have it. need, promotes economic development and supports the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, the coordination of security and stability ”, when this aid was cut by former President Trump.

Aid which is estimated at 235 million dollars is composed of 150 million dollars granted to the UN for Palestinian refugees, 75 million dollars earmarked for the development and economy of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. , and $ 10 million for the peace process.

This news was not well received by the representative of Israel in the United States. Indeed, the ambassador, Gilad Erdan, said he was disappointed with the news, arguing that the United States should have “first ensured that certain reforms are carried out, aimed in particular at putting an end to the incitement. (to anti-Semitism) and to remove anti-Semitic content from school curricula ”.

Conversely, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammed Shtayyeh, expressed his impatience with the resumption of financial aid and said he hoped that “the return of political relations with the United States, in a manner which would allow our Palestinian people to fulfill their legitimate rights to create an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital ”, calling on Washington to exert pressure to stop the expansion of“ colonization of the occupied territories ”.

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The US president also reiterated his position for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, resuming in a way the classic US position on the issue, without however modifying his predecessor’s decision to name Jerusalem as capital. Israel and install the American embassy there.

Joe Biden reaffirmed this position in a telephone interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan, according to a White House statement. Their telephone conversation came as Jordan was threatened by an attempted sedition fomented by the king’s half-brother.

In addition, this week, the American diplomacy made an update following the publication of an ambiguous report of the Department of State on the position of Washington concerning the occupied territories. Thus, the spokesman of the American diplomacy, Ned Price, maintained in front of the press that the government of Joe Biden considers well that the West Bank is a territory “occupied” by Israel.

“It is a historical fact that Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights after the 1967 war,” he said in reference to the human rights report titled “Israel, West Bank and Gaza ”which formerly had the following title:“ Israel and the Occupied Territories ”.

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