FAR drone shoots down separatists’ “gendarmerie chief” in foiled infiltration

The Polisario lost, this Wednesday, April 7, Dah El Bendir, the head of his “gendarmerie” during an operation east of the security wall. He was shot by a FAR drone in all likelihood while he was in the prospect of a attempted attack or skirmish against a Moroccan military site.

Indeed, we are told, the drone would have responded to a sabotage operation prepared by the armed militia of the Polisario in the region of Touizgui. Another armed element of the separatist front was injured in these circumstances during this attempted infiltration into Moroccan territory.

It was Mustafa Salma, a Sahrawi activist and militant, driven back from the Tindouf camps by the Polisario who disclosed this information on his Facebook page. Dah El Bendir is one of the rare military cadres of the Polisario to have had an academic career, he would have been trained at the military academy of Cherchell de Tipaza in Algeria. He specialized in military engineering and technical manager of mines for the Polisario Front. He had the rank of colonel.

He was the most apt to plan infiltration missions east of the security wall, intended to avoid mines and other obstacles erected by the FAR. Military engineers generally clear the ground to allow attack operations to be launched against specific positions. Our FAR saw clearly they did not let the separatists do it, who found themselves stunned by one of their most prominent military cadre. Brahim Ghali who intended to carry out a strike as a coup d’etat before the meeting of the Security Council on April 21, devoted to the examination of the question of the Sahara.

The Polisario front which does not cease to feed the war propaganda against Morocco has for this time, had like reaction only “in mouth sewn no fly”. Yet Monday and Tuesday the separatists were still crying wolf by announcing that they had carried out attacks in the Graret Chdida region in Farsyia and in Gsibet Chouhada and Graret Ezzaoui in the Touizgui sector.

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