Covid-19 variants: EU mobilizes 123 million euros for research

In order to support urgent research on Coronavirus variants, the European Commission announced on Wednesday the mobilization of an amount of 123 million euros within the framework of Horizon Europe, the new research and innovation program of the EU.

This first emergency funding under Horizon Europe is in addition to a series of research and innovation actions funded by the EU to fight against the coronavirus, said a press release from the European executive.

It is also involved in the global action led by the European Commission to prevent and mitigate the effects of variants and respond to them, in accordance with the new European plan for preparing for bio-defense, the HERA incubator, adds the European Commission.

Quoted in the press release, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, indicated that the EU continues to mobilize all available means to fight this pandemic and resolve the challenges posed by the variants of the coronavirus.

“We must combine our forces in order to prepare for the future, by intervening from the early detection of variants to the organization and coordination of clinical trials of new vaccines and treatments, while ensuring collection and correct data sharing at all stages, ”she said.

To this end, the Commission has launched new calls for projects which complement previous actions aimed at developing treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus, “by organizing and carrying out clinical trials to advance the development of treatments and promising vaccines ”.

These projects will support the creation of large-scale Covid-19 networks beyond the borders of Europe, by creating links with European initiatives, and will strengthen the infrastructures necessary for the sharing of data, expertise, research and expert services between researchers and research organizations, it is stressed.

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