Conspiracy in Jordan: the King finally speaks on the Hamza affair

King Abdullah II of Jordan has expressed his feelings of “pain” and “shock” over the attempted sedition case involving his half-brother Prince Hamza. The monarch also assured that the prince was under his protection.

After the revelations this weekend of a case that sounded like a tragedy in the Hashemite royal family, King Abdullah II came out of his silence to clarify the situation, he, who wanted to deal with the case in the privacy of family.

“I cannot describe what I felt as shock, pain and anger as a brother and guardian of the Hashemite family and as a leader of these dear people,” the Jordanian king said after the attempted coup. A state that was preparing against him and threatening the stability of the kingdom.

The Hashemite king also said that the crisis was now resolved but that investigations and inquiries continued to be carried out to shed light on this issue. In a message read on public television on his behalf, the king said: “I assure you that sedition has been nipped in the bud. The challenge of the last few days has not been the most dangerous for the stability of the country, but it has been the most painful for me ”.

And to add that this pain was explained by the involvement of the parties which are part of “our house and the outside” in this attempt at sedition.

Expressing his sadness at this ultimate betrayal that was brewing behind his back, the king also showed mercy with his half-brother, from the last marriage of the late King Hussein and who was named crown prince, before that this title be withdrawn in 2004, in favor of the son of the current King Abdullah II.

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“Hamza is today with his family in his palace, under my protection. He pledged before the (Hashemite) family to follow the path of his parents and grandparents, to be true to their message and to place the interests of Jordan, its Constitution and its laws in the- above all other considerations, ”added the king.

The day before, Prince Hamza had accepted a mediation from his uncle, Prince Hassan (who was once crown prince, like him, before King Hussein named his son as heir to the throne, editor’s note) and signed a letter to the royal family in which he pledged to respect the king and the crown prince.

“I will remain faithful to the heritage of my ancestors, to His Majesty the King and to his Crown Prince, and I will put myself at their disposal to help and support them,” he wrote.

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