Actor Barhim Bouhlel and Zbarbooking prosecuted under arrest, international arrest warrant issued for Hedi Bouchenafa

The president of the Moroccan Lawyers Club, Me Mourad El Additioni, affirmed that the Franco-Algerian actor Brahim Bouhlel and the Franco-Moroccan snapchatter Zbarbooking, involved in the case of the sexist video and humiliating Moroccan children, are in state of arrest.

“The King’s Prosecutor in Marrakech has decided to prosecute actor Brahim Bouhlel and snapchatteur Zbarbooking under arrest” in Marrakech, Morocco, he said in a tweet.

As for the third involved in the video, the Franco-Algerian actor, Hedi Bouchenafa, he fled to France, a few hours after the video began to create a buzz in Morocco.

In another tweet which was subsequently deleted, the president of the Moroccan Lawyers Club indicated that an international arrest warrant had been issued against Hedi Benchenafa.

The three defendants, who were filming for a month in Morocco, filmed a video while intoxicated and under the influence of drugs (according to actor Benchenafa’s own statements) in which they made defamatory remarks, degrading and insulting towards Moroccans and especially Moroccans.

In this video three children, two boys and a girl, appear and are also insulted, and it is the use of their image without their consent that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Moroccans who denounced yet another manifestation of hatred.

The Moroccan Lawyers Club had condemned “the hateful, abject and racist remarks made against the children of Morocco by pseudos-humorists / influencers” and several French rappers and artists reacted to this video expressing their total rejection of these racist and intolerable comments.

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