she fears that her husband will suffer the same fate as Jamal Khashoggi

As he arrived in Morocco to visit his wife and baby on February 8, Usama Al-Hasani was arrested when he got off the plane at Casablanca international airport. Saudi authorities had issued an international arrest warrant against him. His wife told SBS newspaper that he was transferred to Tiflet prison, 175 kilometers northwest of Casablanca, on February 23. At the request of Riyadh, the man who is accused of having participated in the organization of “an activity of public opposition” to the Wahhabi power will be extradited to Saudi Arabia. The trial will be held this Wednesday March 3.

“I am afraid of losing the father of my newborn baby”, anguishes his wife, who testifies to have seen him five minutes two days after his arrest. According to him, the conditions of detention of the former professor at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah are most deplorable. “The situation is catastrophic. He survives on water and bread, ”she says. She expresses terrible fear. “I’m afraid his fate will be like that of Jamal Khashoggi.” This is the Saudi Jamal Khashoggi, journalist for the Washington Post, American resident, killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul (Turkey) in April 2018.

This fear comes at a time when the CIA, in a declassified note on February 26, directly accused Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of having validated an “operation to capture or assassinate” the Saudi opponent.

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