too many cases pending in the courts

Due to the health crisis, several Moroccan courts were unable to schedule the trials of the defendants who remained in preventive detention. Some trials have even been postponed for more than a year, without trial. Thus, the cases pending judgment have accumulated to such an extent that a single judge serving at the tribunal or the court of appeal of Casablanca can end up with more than more than 80 cases, reports the daily. Al Massae.

To alleviate this problem of accumulation of untried cases, to which is added the insufficiency of human resources and courtrooms, the president of the prosecution, Mohamed Abdennabaoui, plans to implement a plan to accelerate the process. judicial activity in order to unclog the courts, while ensuring the health of citizens and litigants. But while waiting for a normal resumption of activities, the remote hearings which have given convincing results, will continue, said the public prosecutor.

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