Client protection: ACAPS deploys financial education solutions

The Insurance and Social Security Control Authority (ACAPS) has set up a series of financial education solutions to enable consumers to better understand their rights in terms of insurance or social security.

This action supports the Authority’s mission in terms of protecting the rights of policyholders, which is reflected in particular by processing policyholders’ claims. Proof of this is that complaints from Moroccan citizens lodged with ACAPS concerning their insurance have increased by almost 24% in one year.

Based on the most received complaints and the most frequent questions, ACAPS has developed several financial education and awareness solutions that aim to inform consumers and help them understand their rights as well as how insurance and provident insurance work. social (retirement, medical coverage, etc.).

While until now the Authority had made radio its main means of communication with the general public, this time, the device was available on several media, in Arabic and French, and was designed for different audiences. , especially for young people.

To popularize insurance jargon, ACAPS has created a dictionary called “ACAPS Dicos” to explain the main terms to the general public and provide more details on insurance and social security.

In addition, the Authority has also thought of people who have no knowledge of the modus operandi in different situations such as compensation in automobile insurance, car theft, etc., all of which are explained in detail. and in a concrete and practical way through sheets entitled “Step By Step”.

The “Advice Sheets” are also materials that are worth the detour since they deal with various subjects such as retirement, home insurance, etc. To invest in the digital world and reach a large audience, ACAPS has developed educational videos offering lots of advice and explanations to citizens!

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In short, all the information necessary for informed decision-making by the consumer is made available by the AMF.

In 2020, ACAPS recorded 2,379 complaints from citizens dissatisfied with their insurance services compared to 1,922 in 2019. Among them, no less than 934 complaints were sent through lawyers so that court judgments could be executed, representing 39% of the total. total complaints received.

In addition, 61% of these complaints were sent to ACAPS through its electronic platform, which demonstrates the growing interest of consumers in digital solutions that are accessible, fast and easy to use.

In detail, the majority of claims made concerned automobile insurance, totaling 1,479 of the claims received in 2020 (including 884 for bodily matters, and 595 for equipment). They are followed by work accidents which were the third most recurring type of claim with a total of 289 cases.

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