The reasons for the resignation of Mustapha Ramid

A source close to the Minister of State, Mustapha Ramid, revealed the reasons for the resignation of the government of Saad Dine El Otmani. As a reminder, the news that fell in the early evening had the effect of a bomb, Mustapha Ramid submitted his resignation as Minister in charge of Human Rights and Relations with Parliament to the Head of Government, in justifying it by his state of health, which made him unable to bear the burden of government responsibility.

Ramid declared, in his letter to the Head of Government, “In view of my state of health and my inability to continue to shoulder the burden of the responsibilities entrusted to me, I submit to you my resignation as a member of the government, in the hope of submitting it to His Majesty the King, may God protect him ”. The same source explained to Hespress the health reasons that prompted Al-Ramid to resign, confirming that he had undergone an operation that resulted in the removal of one of his kidneys, which had negative repercussions on his health that kept him at home for weeks.

In response to a question from the newspaper on the acceptance or not of this resignation, our interlocutor explained that “Ramid relied on the texts of the Constitution, and handed it to the Head of Government. It can be accepted as it can be rejected because it is a competence exercised by state institutions ”, indicating that“ the royal institution has the right to accept the resignation, but also the right to refuse it ” .

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