New shipping line will link Morocco to UK to avoid Brexit constraints

A new direct maritime line is expected to open between Morocco and the United Kingdom with the aim of helping Moroccan products bypass post-Brexit border friction on goods arriving via Europe, reports The Grocer daily.

Morocco will be connected directly to the United Kingdom through the United Seaways company which promises “To reduce the journey times of Moroccan goods from more than six days by road to less than three”.

While it will initially focus on providing an alternative route for trucks already traveling to the UK via Europe, United Seaways said it hopes to encourage UK importers to increasingly stock up on North Africa, especially in the Kingdom.

United Seaways chief executive Zeyd Fassi Fehri said the service would create a “Sustainable and environmental alternative” when it launches in the coming months.

“The speed and efficiency of the vessel ensures a longer shelf life for fresh produce, while the reduction in road congestion, tolls and additional import procedures that have taken place since Brexit add value. wonderful ”, he added.

United Seaways claimed that the service would be “At a competitive price” compared to the overland route, although the ship will likely return empty to Morocco at least to begin with.

“Fruits and vegetables constitute the majority of Moroccan exports to the UK, although they are only a small fraction of those to the EU. British importers bought 180 million pounds of fresh produce from Morocco last year, compared to nearly 1.8 billion pounds for Spain alone ”, specifies the daily.

However, full border controls on EU imports due to start in July threaten to “Cause a level of disruption that the industry has not experienced for generations”, said Nigel Jenney, CEO of Fresh Produce Consortium.

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