Algeria is heading for a general popular conflagration, CIA says

A confidential CIA report paints a very grim picture of the situation in Algeria, according to an American diplomat having knowledge of it. The “top secret” note that was shared in a very small circle between the White House and the State Department portrays a dire situation in the neighbor to the east. There was predicted an imminent ” general popular conflagration “As an apocalyptic scenario in Algeria, which would be” imminent “.

The document reports that after long investigations it was found “ a paralysis of all economic and social sectors, not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic but, above all, of corruption and mismanagement of public affairs in the country both internally and externally “To the point that according to the American secret services,” the heart of Algerian power wavers, plunged into it in groping with incoherent measures and confused communication “. According to the American intelligence services, “ The Algerians who have been campaigning since February 2019 within the Hirak have recently been living in a climate of total confusion and feel completely.

The CIA evokes a ” true settling of accounts with continuous twists for several years “between the” multiple clans of power, civilians and soldiers “. According to the source, this war had the effect of encysting the apparatus of the Algerian state, mainly the Presidency and the government. The multiple clans of power have been engaged in a real internal war for several years with endless twists and turns. The army, the real matrix of Algerian power, is not a monolithic block. The clan of General Chengriha, boss of the army, is dismantling the system built between 2015 and 2019 by his predecessor the late General Gaïd Salah who had for a whole five years harnessed to unravel the State-DRS imagined during a quarter of a century by General Mediène and his allies.

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At the level of Mouradia, the “masters of Algeria” do not have a happy hand. With Abdelmadjid Tebboune, they inherit a badly elected president, unpopular and without any charisma. For a year the military seemed to come to terms with it. When he catches the Covid-19, the president, who claimed that his country has the best health system in Africa, is evacuated to Germany for emergency care. For Algerians the humiliation is total. They chased away a bedridden Bouteflika only to end up with a very diminished Tebboune. And to make matters worse, the presidency is shaken by tensions between the various advisers of the president. Between hesitations, absence and approximations, Algerians feel completely lost according to the CIA. Foreign chancelleries too, report US observers.

In government, messes and tinkering are the mode of operation. As for the management of the pandemic which is hitting the country head-on, government authorities lack insight. The figures for reported cases of infections and deaths are below reality. Algeria is in the midst of a crisis, due to political rigidities, interventionist centralism and administrative embolism and presidential autism. The Algerians expect nothing more and know that the army has stolen their revolution, explains a Western diplomat who comments on the American document.

Observers believe that the milestone of the month of Ramadan should be crucial. If those in charge persist in ignoring the rumbling of the population, Algeria would face a general conflagration in the medium term.

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