Will Morocco be confined again?

The English variant, known for its formidable contagiousness, quickly spread to the countries where it appeared, forcing even England to reconfigure itself. Thus, to better understand what will happen to Morocco, which has just discovered 24 cases of contamination of this variant, Hespress joined the director of the biotechnology laboratory under the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Prof. Azzedine Ibrahimi.

The latter indicated that the two vaccines adopted by the kingdom are effective against the English variant, but not against the Brazilian and the South African. Thus, it is important to speed up mass vaccination, in order to protect people at risk and vulnerable while strictly respecting barrier gestures.

Explaining the situation, Azzedine Ibrahimi said that “viruses will multiply. And if the multiplication is very fast, this will lead to the appearance of mutations of the virus. These mutations relate to the different characteristics of the original virus. We are starting to talk about a variant. And these variants can affect the diagnosis, the pathogenicity, that is, the severity of the disease, and the circulation. And of course all that is vaccination ”.

However, “if the virus continues to multiply, we could see the emergence of more dangerous variants, such as the Brazilian and South African. Moreover, the Brazilian, which is the P1, affects the pathogenicity so the disease becomes more severe. For the South African variant, all the vaccines that have been developed so far can see their effectiveness reduced against this variant and this is something that we do not want in our country ”, he stressed. .

But, to fight effectively against this variant and avoid a rise in cases and deaths, the involvement of the State and citizens is necessary. The state must provide more vaccines in order to speed up vaccination and to reach 80% of people vaccinated to achieve collective immunity. Citizens, for their part, must respect the barrier gestures and thus avoid compulsory re-containment.

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