Hervé Renard victim of sextortion?

The scammer would have befriended Hervé Renard, former coach of the Morocco team on the internet. He was posing as a young Lebanese woman, and allegedly filmed her in embarrassing situations, reports Assabah. Once the current Saudi Arabia coach was filmed, the young man revealed his true identity to him.

He threatened Hervé Renard to broadcast the filmed scenes if he did not pay him 100,000 dirhams. The French technician did not give in. He filed a complaint against the blackmailer. The judicial police succeeded in identifying and arresting the author of the sextortion. During the search of his home, investigators confiscated a computer and three cameras.

When questioned, the respondent confessed. By order of the king’s prosecutor at the city’s court of first instance, he was remanded in custody in the local prison of Oued Zem.

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