he risks high for falsification of official documents

The elements of the National Security became aware of the deception after one of the accused presented his file for obtaining the national identity card. The computer program was unable to read the data it provided. Subject to questioning, he did not hesitate to give details of the man who helped him falsify documents against payment of 20 dirhams, reports the daily Al Akhbar.

After carrying out his arrest, the head of the judicial police of Berrechid and his close collaborators, on the basis of the information received, went to Had Soualem and, in coordination with the royal gendarmerie of the locality, succeeded in arresting the warned in his cybercafé, where he also manages a small bookstore. There, the police got their hands on a computer he was probably using for his illicit acts.

The data extracted from the computer and the testimony recorded by the police put him in an awkward position. He risks serious charges, especially since there has been proof of an attempted tampering with documents relating to the secure CIN.

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