WFP: Morocco calls for strengthening the resilience of African countries

WFP: Morocco calls for strengthening the resilience of African countries

Rome – Morocco has launched an appeal to the World Food Program (WFP) to establish partnerships with the African private sector, as part of its fundraising and donor diversification policy, to strengthen the resilience of African countries , and come to the aid of vulnerable local communities, being more adapted to their realities and knowing their own needs, assets and resources.

Speaking during the first ordinary session of the WFP Board of Directors (February 22-24, 2021), as coordinator of African countries, the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN agencies in Rome, Youssef Balla, underlined ” the readiness of African countries to benefit from WFP, the expertise of their private sectors, already active on their own land, and the land of their neighbors of which they have in-depth knowledge “.

Mr. Balla specified that such a partnership would constitute an opportunity to take advantage of African know-how, and the implementation capacity of the MAP, while helping to create a dynamic of local development through local businesses, able to strengthen the resilience of the most fragile local populations over the long term.

Such technical partnerships have great potential for optimizing costs and benefits for all stakeholders, he added.

Highlighting WFP’s continued efforts to improve the efficiency and impact of their operations, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, Balla called for strengthening the risk management policy to ensure that the humanitarian aid reaches those who really need it.

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While underlining the importance attached by African countries to the new restructuring of the MAP which aims to provide the Organization with competent human resources and an institutional framework capable of supporting the achievement of the expected objectives, the Moroccan diplomat called for strengthening all the approaches aimed at accelerating the achievement of the SDGs, in particular SDGs 2 and 17 with the aim of eliminating hunger and poverty in the world.

Last modification: February 24, 2021

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