ONP: Fishing landings up 38% at the Port of Safi in 2020

The National Fisheries Office (ONP), reported a net increase of 38% in landings of artisanal and coastal fishing products at the port of Safi in 2020, or 70,840 tons, against 51,197 tons in 2019.

In its latest report on statistics relating to artisanal and coastal fishing in Morocco, ONEP also indicates that the market value of these products has also increased by 12% to reach 299.956 MDH in 2020, against 267.471 MDH a year earlier.

It is also noted a significant increase of 42% of landings of pelagic fish during the last year at the port of Safi to amount to 67,054 Tons (184,076 MDH), against 47,325 Tons (140,813 MDH) in 2019.

On the other hand, highlights the report, an increase of 20% to 1,670 tons (55.024 MDH) was observed in the level of catches of white fish in 2020 at the said port.

As for cephalopods, landings jumped by 10% to 1,091 Tons, while those of crustaceans and algae amounted to 68 Tons (-34%) and 957 Tons (-31%) respectively.

At the national level, landings of coastal and artisanal fisheries products increased by 7% to nearly 1.3 million tonnes (MT) for the year 2020.

The market value of these products, underlines the Office, amounted to approximately 6.7 billion dirhams (MMDH), down 8% compared to 2019.

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