EU: Sahara conflict makes North Africa the least integrated region in the world

The North African region is “the least integrated in the world” because of the Sahara conflict, said European Union ambassador to Morocco Claudia Wiedey at a press conference this morning. Wednesday, February 24. In this sense, the European Union calls for a “political” solution based on a “compromise” to remedy the “enormous” economic losses.

The European Union has not changed its position on the Sahara issue, explained the EU representative in Morocco, maintaining its trend towards multilateralism and a solution under the aegis of the UN.

“For us, as the European Union, our position has not changed, we remain on the line with the United Nations, also because we are behind the concept of multilateralism so for us it is a question that must be settled with the United Nations process, ”she said.

And to add: “We really want the political process to restart as quickly as possible to find a lasting, political solution that is acceptable and we strongly believe that it will be for the benefit of Morocco, of all the parties that are involved and for the region ”.

The EU, she added, is in contact with the United Nations in particular “to move the process forward, to see how we can speed up the political process”.

For now, the EU’s position remains unchanged

The region is “the least integrated in the world” because of the Sahara conflict, noted the ambassador adding that “the economic loss of this non-integration is enormous”.

“I believe that we will only realize the losses of the past and the opportunities that present themselves when this conflict is resolved, on a basis of compromise that allows us to move forward, but for now, our position remains on the basis of the United Nations, ”reacted the European representative.

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While the European Union deplores the region’s non-integration and wishes the political process to restart quickly in order to reach a settlement of the conflict, discussions on the Sahara issue are not, however, on the agenda at the level of the European institutions. However, on the Moroccan side, the head of diplomacy, Nasser Bourita, called on the 27 to join the international movement, under the aegis of the United Nations, and in particular supported by the United States, to find a solution in the part of its autonomy initiative.

“It is enough for Europe to get out of its comfort zone and support this international trend,” said the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, noting that “the process has gone in circles for years” and that today, ” an orientation emerges and it is this orientation that the EU must also espouse ”.

Brits have the freedom to do whatever they want

As such, the EU ambassador also reacted to the recognition by the United States of the Moroccan character of the Sahara, when the Union has remained in retreat on this subject since the announcement made in December and where it is expected to take a more daring position to show its desire to find a solution to this issue which has dragged on for several years.

“Concerning the Americans, we have of course taken due note of the decision of outgoing President Donald Trump and therefore it is a decision of a state, an important state, a state which is a member of the Security Council,” he said. she declared.

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Responding to a question on the possibility of a country of the European Union taking a position in favor of Morocco in a sovereign way, Claudia Wiedey considered that she did not “see this possibility”, explaining that the member countries are bound by the declaration they signed, “only the British, they have left the European Union and have the freedom to choose and do whatever they want, the others 27 no, they have no right”.

What they can do, however, is to initiate a discussion at Council level, she noted, noting that “to change a Council position, you need a debate and a new decision, which , for the moment, does not exist ”.

“There are currently no real discussions on the possibility of opening consulates for member states,” said the ambassador, before adding that “there are of course questions from investors who spend from time to time ”and that the latter have the right to settle where they want since they are private actors.

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