Ecological and digital transition: The EU intends to mobilize 10 billion euros

The European Union (EU) has announced the mobilization of 10 billion euros in order to accelerate the ecological and digital transition, within the framework of new EU-Member States-Industry partnerships.

In detail, the European Commission has proposed to set up ten new European partnerships between the EU, Member States and industry with the objective of “accelerating the transition towards a green, climate neutral and anchored Europe. in the digital age, and to make European industry more resilient and more competitive ”.

The EU will provide nearly 10 billion euros in funding that the partners will match with an investment volume at least equivalent, said a statement from the Commission, noting that this combined contribution should mobilize additional investments in favor of the transition and have long-term positive effects on jobs, the environment and society.

Quoted in the press release, the Executive Vice-President of the Commission for a Digital Europe, Margrethe Vestager, pleaded: β€œIn Europe, we are most effective when we work together. This is especially important when it comes to mastering the challenges of digital transformation. This transformation concerns us all and does not stop at national borders, just like climate change. The partnerships proposed today will mobilize resources so that together we can make the most of digital technologies, in particular in the interest of our ecological transition ”.

The proposed institutionalized European partnerships, notes the European executive, aim to improve the EU’s preparedness and response to infectious diseases, to develop efficient low-carbon aircraft for clean aviation, to support the use of renewable biological raw materials in energy production, to ensure the primacy of Europe in digital technologies and infrastructure and to make rail transport more competitive.

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