The weather on Tuesday February 23, 2021

Below is the weather forecast for Tuesday 23 February 2021, as established by the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM)

– Slightly cloudy sky over the Oriental and the Mediterranean.

– Stable weather and cloudy to clear skies over the rest of the country.

– Quite cold weather at night and in the morning on the Atlas, the Rif and the South of the Oriental. – Moderate wind from the north over the Oriental, the South and the North, from the east over the Tangiers and variable elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of the order of -05 / 02 ° C on the Atlas, the Rif and the eastern highlands, 02/07 ° C on the Oriental, the South-East, the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmès, the Saiss and the interior plains, 07/12 ° C on the Mediterranean, the coasts and the North and Central Atlantic plains, the Souss and the North of the southern provinces and 13/18 ° C on the extreme south.

– Maximum temperatures of around 08/15 ° C on the Atlas, the Rif and the Oriental, 16/20 ° C on the Mediterranean, the Phosphates and Oulmès plateaus, the Saiss and the Tangérois, 20/25 ° C on the Center, South-East and Souss plains and 25/32 ° C on the South.

– Choppy to strong seas on the Atlantic, locally little to rough between Tarfaya and Boujdour.

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