Lesieur Crystal informs about the rise in oil and food prices

Lesieur Crystal has issued a statement in which it informs of the rise in the prices of non-subsidized foodstuffs, in particular edible oil affected by the surge in agricultural raw materials.

“This increase, which affects all operators, is linked to the surge in the prices of agricultural raw materials internationally and more particularly those used for the manufacture of edible oils. Since 2020, the price of soybeans has increased by 80% and that of sunflower by 90% ”, wrote Lesieur in a press release.

The company explains that it has succeeded, in times of health crisis, in ensuring the supply of stocks of raw materials to avoid any risk of shortage. These stocks enabled it to delay as much as possible the repercussion of the rise in world prices to Moroccan consumers.

“The surge in the prices of agricultural raw materials intensifying over the long term, Lesieur Crystal was forced to pass part of it on to its prices, like all market operators”, explains the same source.

Lesieur, anxious to preserve the purchasing power of Moroccans, promises to do everything possible to cushion the impact of the volatility of commodity prices.

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