Mustapha El Khalfi: The excesses of the Algerian media, a reflection of the disarray of a disowned regime

Algerian media drifts, which are increasing in the context of a campaign hostile to Morocco, and cleverly orchestrated by a faltering regime, continue to react on different fringes of Moroccan society.

Guest on Sunday evening of the Hespress webcast, Niqach fi siyassa, the former government spokesman, the PJDist Mustapha El Khalfi estimated that all these twists of the Algerian regime are only a reflection of his “state of deep disappointment ”at the repeated successes of Morocco on the international scene.

They also denote desperate attempts “to create a diversion, and to export an internal crisis which undermines a whole country and a whole people”, affirmed El Khalfi.

These abuses, he continued, reached their paroxysm with the attempt to attack the person of King Mohammed VI, in an “abject aggression”, but revealing that a great unease, and a deep complex of which Algerian leaders suffer in the face of Morocco’s diplomatic victories, which they are trying to hide or denature through their media outlets under orders.

For El Khalfi, also president of the Moroccan Sahara Commission within the Justice and Development Party (PJD), “this attack, which does not constitute an isolated fact, aims to abort any reconciliation or agreement on the subject of the Sahara. Moroccan”.

However, he notes, the Algerian people “are in no way concerned by these low maneuvers”. He cites as proof the reaction of certain parties in Algeria “who have disavowed the aggression against Morocco and its King”, thus sending a very clear message to their leaders.

Analyzing, in addition, the reaction of Moroccans to this new drift, the member of the general secretariat of the PJD, that they have clearly shown the limits of the disinformation and the lie of the Algerian media, proving to them that contrary to what they never stop claiming, “the question of the Moroccan Sahara is the cause of a regime, of a people and of a whole country”.

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“The Moroccans have sent a message attesting that the question of the Sahara is the subject of the unanimity of all citizens who refuse any attack against it, but also that the bet of division is losing on all levels”, a he said.

In fact, El Khalifi underlined, “the message of the Moroccans was not addressed to the channel which dared to attack the King, but to those who command it, those who reason with a bellicose military mentality towards the Kingdom. and those who seek to divide Morocco ”.

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