EU “ready” to impose sanctions on Burmese army

After the military coup in Burma, European foreign ministers, meeting Monday in Brussels, said the EU is “ready” to adopt sanctions against the military responsible for this coup.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the ministers said that “while the EU is ready to support dialogue with all key stakeholders to resolve the situation, it is also ready to adopt restrictive measures aimed at persons directly responsible for the military coup and their economic interests ”.

Likewise, adds the text, “the EU will continue to review all the tools at its disposal in the light of the evolution of the situation, including its development cooperation policy and its trade preferences”.

While calling for a de-escalation of the current crisis, by the immediate end of the state of emergency, the reestablishment of legitimate civilian government and the opening of the newly elected parliament, they urged the military authorities to release “immediately and without condition ”all those who were arrested and detained in connection with the coup.

“The EU will continue to provide humanitarian aid and will endeavor to avoid measures that could negatively affect the people of Burma, in particular those in the most vulnerable conditions,” the officials said. ministers.

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