demonstration for a relaxation of restrictive measures in places of worship

Although gatherings are permitted, the limit is 15 people, regardless of the size or number of rooms in the worship building. Children up to the age of 12 and the minister of worship are not taken into account. Measures, which according to the demonstrators, are restrictive and undermine the freedom of religion, a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

For Najat, who is of Muslim faith, this demonstration is an opportunity to bend the authorities who are thinking of relaxing measures in other sectors but forget to look into the case of religious denominations. “It is a citizen action that requires the authorities to be a little logical, especially with the measures they take. For me that doesn’t make sense. Worship is also essential, ”reports

Cornélie is of Christian faith. She also came to the demonstration to protest against measures that she considers quite severe and unfair. She explains that she misses her brothers and sisters in the faith terribly. “We no longer see the people we confided in, with whom we prayed. It is true that there is the telephone, but it is always good to see each other and to exchange, to pray together ”.

Those responsible for the demonstration question the limitation of the number of people in a place of worship. For Julien Sebert, spokesperson for Christians, the limitation of the number of people must take into account the size of the building. “It’s crazy to allow stores and the like to open and welcome people, but places of worship, no. We just want to have more possibilities with the promise to respect barrier gestures. But we need this flexibility at the level of our various places of worship. It is vital “.

Mohamed Azaitraoui, spokesperson for the Federation of Mosques in Brussels explained that a few months ago, when the health situation was no less serious than today, up to 200 people were admitted during a celebration religious. He stresses that the demonstration concerns only places of worship.

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In addition, an online petition, “Free our places of worship” has been initiated and has even registered more than 9,000 signatures.

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