Algeria’s media attack on Morocco “undermines ties of fraternity and common history” (Jordanian lawyers)

Algeria’s media attack on Morocco “undermines ties of fraternity and common history” (Jordanian lawyers)

Amman – Algeria’s media attack against Morocco “undermines the bonds of brotherhood and the common history binding the two brotherly peoples,” Jordanian lawyers have asserted.

This media attack “only widens the gap, deepens the disagreement and creates unjustified crises”, underlined many lawyers of the Kingdom of Jordan in a press release on recent developments on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.

They expressed their astonishment at “the state of nervousness and agitation in the Algerian official position, which appeared in its political actions and in the media attack against the Moroccan state and its symbols, through the attempted to offend in a TV program the Person of the King, who had long called for turning the page of the dispute and opening up horizons of cooperation between the two brother States “.

On the other hand, the Jordanian lawyers expressed their consideration for the decision to act of the Royal Armed Forces which had put an end to the provocative acts of the separatists of the “polisario” at the passage of El Guergarate.

In this regard, they welcomed the intervention of the Royal Armed Forces to secure the passage of El Guergarate with a high level of professionalism and restraint, which put an end to the blockade of the area and thwarted the attempt of the separatists to endanger the stability of the region and the interests of its people.

They welcomed the position of the Jordanian state to stand alongside the Kingdom of Morocco on its just cause by preserving its territorial integrity and supporting its serious vision represented by the autonomy initiative to end the political impasse and resolve this conflict which has lasted too long and which negatively affects the peoples of the Maghreb.

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Last modification: February 22, 2021

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