When the Defense of Algeria intertwines the spikes

Algeria “formally” denied this Sunday, via a statement from the Ministry of National Defense which is the responsibility of the Algerian presidency, any participation of troops of the Algerian army (ANP) in missions outside the borders in the G5 Sahel executive teaches us the APS which relays in “perfect” voice of its master, the info or the poison it is according to.

If it were just that, we would be delighted while taking note except that the terms used by the protocol are unworthy of a presidential cabinet. Let’s judge! The allusion, it could not be clearer, is intended for the Kingdom, let’s not go by four ways elsewhere, all lead to Tindouf, this heavy burden that is still exhausted to carry the military regime of Algiers.

Certain parties and spokespersons of the discord have relayed through their pages and subversive accounts on social networks unfounded allegations, uttering that the actions and operations carried out by the military institution, internally and externally, respond to agendas and instructions from foreign parties, and that the National People’s Army is preparing to send troops to participate in military missions outside our national borders under the hat of foreign powers within the framework of the G5 Sahel, this which is false and inadmissible Blah blah, criticizes the Ministry of Defense or the Algerian presidency in a press release released this Sunday.

Until then and at first reading, we can let it go and put this down to the hallucinations following the post-Covid effects without any variation and which eat away from time to time, the unpronounceable Algerian president. Moreover, if this can console the generals and their puppet, the Algerian people have read nothing, the “ways of the Algerian networks being impenetrable in Algeria” and besides, they know it very well.

In addition, it is that the ministry of defense or rather the presidency, accuses Morocco of being behind this campaign, by affirming that they are ” poison that can only come from ignoramuses in the pay of the services of the Moroccan Makhzen and Zionists “. Also it is still said ” the Ministry of Defense categorically denies all these tendentious allegations and devious maneuvers, through which their authors believe they can sow trouble and destabilize the country “.

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The press release states that the ANP “ has never been, and will never be subject in his actions except to authority “Of the President of the Republic perfect puppet of the generals, and” in accordance with its explicit constitutional missions and the laws of the Republic, in the defense of national sovereignty, integrity and security “. The Ministry of Defense recalls that “ the participation of the National People’s Army outside the borders of the country is the decision of the Algerian people, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic “.

It is not known whether the post-coronavirus effects of Dame Covid-19, even treated in Germany, is inherited the package of partial or total amnesia. But it would be good all the same to remind the new or resuscitated “Raïs” just arrived that the Algerian Constitution was voted by half of the 28% of the voters, the majority of which is made up of the elements of the ANP.

We salute the discernment of citizens, aware of the conspiracies and plots that are being hatched against Algeria, now known to all, and in the supreme interest of the Nation, we call on them to be more vigilant about the fake news spread that target desperately to harm the stability of the Nation », Concludes the press release. We too, at least as far as salvation is concerned, but not to “my general”! However, nothing will be able to prevent us from seeing only pure and simple Schizophrenia. But this, we had seen long before the virus appeared and attacked its defending body to its excellence, well in the tiny by the way.

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