Morocco dismantled more than 200 terrorist cells in 20 years

Since 2003, Morocco has been truly engaged in the fight against terrorism, based on a proactive policy, supported at the same time by legislation that has led to the disorganization and arrest of several terrorist cells, indicated the leader of the BCIJ. Several procedures for developing and overhauling religious surveillance have been put in place to prevent any malicious act.

The Moroccan Supreme Court of Ulema plays a big role in this struggle. Likewise, the creation of the Mohammed VI Institute for the training of imams Mourchidine and Mourchidat, and the Mohammed VI Institute of African ulemas provide the government with more control over the tone in Moroccan places of worship.

However, the situation in the Sahel region has deteriorated since last year, with the increase in the activities of the terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and Daesh in the region. The Polisario carried out between 2016 and early 2020, several terrorist operations targeting military sites and patrols of local and foreign soldiers and which caused several deaths and injuries, said Nifaoui. In addition, the renewed coalition is understood as more support from other European countries and more cooperation from the countries of the Sahel region.

Nifaoui, at the same time, invited the formation of a regional security approach to increase efforts in this fight against terrorist organizations. He also warned that ignorance of the region’s problems could lead to the development of new homes. Thus, the countries of the region must play their role of security and prevention, by increasing control measures at border points and by exchanging information on terrorist suspects.

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