Adoption in GC of the draft decree on nuclear security: AMSSNuR welcomes a positive start

The Governing Council, meeting this Thursday, adopted the draft decree n ° 2.20.131 on activities, installations and sources of ionizing radiation. For the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security (AMSSNuR), this approval represents a positive start for upgrading the regulatory framework for nuclear and radiological safety and security in Morocco.

In a press release, the Agency explained that Decree No. 2.20.131, relating to the authorizations and declarations of activities, installations and associated ionizing radiation sources falling within category II highlights the different stages of the process of authorization and declaration, with emphasis on the acts of modification and renewal of the authorization.

This text also highlights the specific features of activities to which additional provisions apply, in particular the activity of transport and transit of radioactive materials with the exception of nuclear material, extraction and processing activities. of ores generating a concentration of natural radionuclide activity, management of radioactive waste other than nuclear fuel.

The decree also determines the modalities for declaring facilities and activities falling within class V, adds the same source, recalling that during the press briefing held at the end of the Government Council, the Spokesman government, Mr. Saaid Amzazi, had indicated that the text determines, through provisions in tune with the national and international context, the procedure for granting authorization and declaration, with the setting of the modalities of their renewal and modification, by excluding from these provisions military installations and establishments, as well as the activities and associated ionizing radiation sources.

This decree, drawn up by AMSSNuR, within the framework of the work of the Committee to upgrade the regulatory framework for nuclear and radiological safety and security (CCR), was the subject, before its submission to the Head of Government, of ” a review and assessment by international experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Union (EU), in order to ensure its compliance with international standards and commitments in nuclear and radiological safety and security to which our country has subscribed, specifies the Agency.

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The text was drawn up in application of law n ° 142-12 relating to nuclear and radiological safety and security and to the creation of AMSSNuR, which was promulgated by dahir n ° 1-14-149 of 25 chaoual 1435 (22 August 2014), in particular the provisions of section 2 of chapter 3 of title one and articles 4, 7, 45 to 56, 58,61,62,78,79,81 and 172 of the said law.

The establishment of a regulatory framework for nuclear and radiological safety and security is one of the main objectives of AMSSNuR’s strategic plan for the period 2017-2021, underlines the agency, announcing that it is adopting, in this sense, a consultation process, involving all the ministerial departments and professional organizations concerned, for the preparation and submission to the head of government of all the regulatory texts necessary for the implementation of Law No. 142-12 .

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