Creation of a commission to boost Israel-France-Morocco trilateral cooperation

During a webinar organized on Monday, ambassadors, former ministers, industrialists, consultants and experts set up a new commission that aims to boost Israel-France-Morocco trilateral cooperation.

This new commission is a member of the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIIF), reports Among its first actions, it intends to initiate the “Health TransTech 2021” project, a conference on health technologies. It will be organized on March 10 under the theme “France, Israel, Morocco and cooperation in the health sector (Covid-19)”.

The International Conference on Technology Transfer and Cooperation, TransTech brings together companies, startups, experts and innovation specialists every year. This event represents an opportunity for meetings and exchanges with many Israeli and European economic leaders from the private and government sectors.

According to the same source, many Israeli startups in the sector are gaining attention abroad. As for the global medical giants, they want to take advantage of the advances made by the country in this area.

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