Nador West Med, a project to boost the development of the Oriental

The project is ambitious and aims to occupy a strategic place in Mediterranean maritime trade. A member of the management of the public company “Nador West Med” responsible for the construction, development, planning and management of the industrial port complex, questioned by the Observer, explained that “the Nador West Med project provides for a logistics platform, an industrial free zone, and another reserved for service companies ”. He adds that “Nador West Med will not only change the face of the Oriental but will be a catalyst to trigger a development dynamic within the whole region”.

It is, according to him, obvious that the Nador West Med port will be a major asset in the development of the Oriental and the center of the kingdom, in that it will contribute to the creation of jobs and wealth, and by at the same time, improve the standard of living of the inhabitants of the region. If Tanger Med alone occupied a prominent place on the African and regional level, with Nador West Med, they will constitute a shock team on the Mediterranean coast of the country.

To date, the rate of advancement is estimated at nearly 60%. When completed, the platform will be able to accommodate up to 3.5 million containers, 25 million tonnes of hydrocarbon products, 9 million solid bulk products and 3 million general cargo products. The port complex will be connected to several roads, highways and railways. This is an important project for which the 2021 finance bill has granted a very large budget, the newspaper said.

This is 4.5 billion dirhams for the launch of the project ensuring the connection of Nador West Med with the motorway network, 9.88 billion dirhams for the continued construction of the port and 3 billion dirhams for the rail connectivity of the port. It is also planned to set up a dam, a water treatment station, a fiber optic telecommunications network, a connection to the electricity network and many others.

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