Morocco helps US thwart bloody attacks

The Moroccan counterterrorism services were able to prevent a bloodbath, both on American soil, and against US Army soldiers deployed in the Middle East, reports News Talk Florida. This information was revealed last week by the US Department of Justice, without details being provided.

According to the American site, the respondent is called Cole James Bridges. He is a First Class soldier in the US Army who had become radicalized in recent months. He had in the meantime come into contact with Daesh jihadists. Worse, he had provided them with precise information to prepare attacks against American soldiers deployed in the Middle East, and against the September 11 Memorial, in the heart of New York.

The DGST had reported the soldier’s activities to US intelligence in September 2020. The following month, an FBI agent contacted Cole, making him believe he was a Daesh jihadist. The objective was to know the intentions of the radicalized soldier and the extent of the assistance he was preparing to provide to the terrorist organization. During a joint operation led by the FBI and the US Army Counterintelligence Service, Cole will be arrested and brought before a federal prosecutor on January 21.

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