Jobs: Large companies lead in downsizing during pandemic

The effects of the coronavirus epidemic were felt during the second half of 2020, when 38% of Moroccan companies had to reduce their workforce, said the High Commission for Planning (HCP). Large companies are the ones that have reduced the number of their employees the most.

Data released by the HCP indicates that this percentage has increased compared to the same period last year, and the companies that have reduced their workforce the most are the largest structures.

Indeed, they are 41.9% of large companies (GE) which would have reduced their workforce during this period against 33.4% for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and 39.3% among very small enterprises (TPE).

And in terms of activity sector, some companies have reduced their workforce by more than half compared to 2019, led by companies in the accommodation / hotel and catering sector with 64%, followed by construction with 56%.

In addition, 43% of companies that reported a decline in their employment (37.5%) in the second half of 2020 reduced their workforce to 50% and more during this period. In detail, more than half of very small businesses, 27% for SMEs and 11% for GEs.

As for the growth forecasts for the year 2021, large companies are the most optimistic about the increase in their level of investment, however, representing only 10.9%. The figures are less important for SMEs (8.3%) and very small businesses (5.4%).

The vast majority of companies do not plan any investment projects in 2021 (81.1%) and 6.4 predict an increase, while 3.9% believe their level of investment will decline, says the HCP.

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In terms of sectors of activity, it is the energy sector that is the most optimistic in 2021, with 19% of companies operating in the sector planning to increase investments. Next, the agro-food industries with 12% and finally the chemical and parachemical industries with 11%.

For their part, more than 80% of the textile, electrical and electronic industries, accommodation and catering as well as real estate activities do not foresee any investment projects in 2021.

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