Government council looks at MRE

During this council, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad, in charge of Moroccans residing abroad, will make a presentation on the national program for the mobilization of Moroccan skills living abroad, said a statement from the head of government department.

Several decrees will be taken during this council. This is the decree amending and supplementing the decree relating to the composition and mode of operation of the national commission for distinctive signs of origin and quality, the one amending the royal decree relating to the special status of residents of public health hospitals , and finally that relating to licenses and authorizations of activities, installations and sources of ionizing radiation.

The press release specifies that the council will also examine on this occasion the proposals for appointment to high functions, in accordance with article 92 of the Constitution, and also underlines that at the end of the Council, the government will devote itself to the study of legislative proposals.

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