AstraZeneca says vaccine works for people 65 and over

While several doubts about the effectiveness of AstraZeneca’s anti-coronavirus vaccines on people over the age of 65 have been shared in Germany, the British laboratory denied these claims, claiming that the vaccine was effective on all age groups .

The British vaccine produced with the University of Oxford, which is expected to get the green light from the European Union this week, has caused an uproar in Germany where two dailies, citing government sources, indicate that the vaccine would be ineffective on people aged from over 65.

“The articles according to which the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine is only 8% in adults over 65 are completely false,” replied a spokesperson for AstraZeneca in a statement sent to the Afp.

AstraZeneca affirms that its vaccine is effective and cites as such data published in the scientific journal The Lancet which shows that “the elderly have shown strong immune responses to the vaccine, 100% of them having generated antibodies. specific after the second dose ”.

The two German media outlets, the Bild Zeitung and the Handelsblatt both cited sources on requesting anonymity, adding that the German government is reportedly studying the possibility of not giving this vaccine in question to people over 65. years, because having doubts about its effectiveness on this category of people.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn did not rule out on Tuesday that the AstraZeneca vaccine could only be administered to specific age groups. In the morning program of the public channel ZDF, he indicated that his government will make its decision on the basis of scientific data making it possible to say “which age groups will receive this vaccine first”, from next week.

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The British coronavirus vaccine has been cleared in Britain, one of the first countries to have it cleared and added to its vaccination strategy. Produced with the University of Oxford, the vaccine in question has advantages, it is inexpensive compared to the competition, and it is easily stored requiring only normal refrigeration.

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