Algeria and South Africa revive their alliance against Morocco

After the unsuccessful tour of the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs in African capitals, including Pretoria, which mainly focused on the Moroccan Sahara issue, South Africa put pressure on the new American administration to quit ‘she reconsiders Trump’s decision to recognize the kingdom’s full sovereignty over the southern provinces.

Also, South African Foreign Minister Naledie Pandor called on new US President Joe Biden to review Trump’s decision and change US policy on the African continent. ” When it comes to peace and security on the African continent, many peoples still suffer from instability, violence and conflicts, like Western Sahara, whose people do not yet enjoy their right to freedom. self-determination and independence », Declared the South African Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The context of the South African minister’s position is linked to the failure of Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum’s tour in Africa, in which he was able to mobilize only two voices (that of his strategic ally Pretoria and of the landlocked kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa and to which it is de facto dependent and therefore subject) to support its politically dilapidated and outdated thesis at the international level », Declared the researcher expert in international politics and specialist in Saharan issues, Naoufal Bouamri.

The latter added, in his statement to Hespress, that all that Algeria undertakes in the region does not aim and cannot in any way influence the decision of the American administration on the question of the Sahara, ” because she knows that she has no political influence on the United States of America, whether at the level of the lobbies that had previously supported her staunchly or at the official level with her groping politics “.

The expert on African affairs continued that the United States is convinced of the need to push the relationship with Morocco to its highest political, economic and security level, noting that Washington ” cannot bet on an Algerian regime which is crumbling from the inside and bypass Morocco which is registered as an institutionally and politically strong country “.

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Regarding the coordination of the two enemy countries of the Kingdom of Morocco, the expert explained that “ Algeria and South Africa are trying to take a diplomatic position today in view of the next African summit next February in Addis Ababa “. The two countries continue Naoufal Bouamri ” are looking for a diplomatic aura, particularly in view of the growing number of countries supporting Morocco which have opened their consulates or are in the process of doing so in Laayoune and Dakhla, which will create a new balance of power within the African Union, for the benefit of the Morocco and its allies. This may lead in the future to the freezing of the membership of the fictitious entity in the African Union and give it a status of political organization as the United Nations treats it. “.

South Africa’s position coincides with the decision of the pro-Algerian American lobby to pressure the new American administration to reverse Donald Trump’s decision regarding Washington’s recognition of the Moroccan Sahara and support for the proposal for self-government in the southern provinces.

The head of the defense committee of the US Congress Jim Inhoff, the biggest supporter of the Polisario demands, took advantage of the approval session of General Lloyd Austin, Joe Biden’s candidate for the Defense Department, to make up his mind on the question of holding a referendum in the Moroccan Sahara, but the future leader at the head of the “Pentagon” by kicking in touch avoided offering any “gift” to the separatists by not speaking out on the question.

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