The Moroccan Association of Presidents of Communal Councils calls for parity

The Moroccan Association of Presidents of Communal Councils called on Saturday for the implementation of parity and gender equality in electoral laws, as part of the political consultations that the country is experiencing on the subject of deadlines elections scheduled for 2021, including municipal elections.

The Association said in a statement that the goal of implementing gender parity has not yet been achieved, although it is convinced of the importance of gender principles in the nomination and awarding of gender equality. electoral missions to women in municipal councils in order to preserve their constitutional rights.

“This observation falls short of national aspirations and ambitions despite Morocco’s achievements in terms of the laws governing the management of local affairs and deconcentration”, noted the same source.

The Association has emphasized, in this sense, the need to initiate a reflection on the possibility of reviewing laws and measures especially at the level of communities where the list system applies, in a manner able to guarantee an equitable presence of women, based on real data likely to serve the principles of parity and equality, which are the basis of local representative democracy.

“The Association says it is fully prepared to commit to all efforts and with all the stakeholders to seek alternatives and possible choices in order to translate into facts the new constitutional provisions relating thereto and which relate to the activation and improvement of mechanisms of the gender approach, support for local representative democracy and strengthening of good governance mechanisms ”, the statement continued.

This call intervenes in application of the constitutional provisions, in particular those relating to the respect of the principle of parity and its implementation in matters of management of the local thing, starting from the responsibilities and electoral functions at the territorial level, particularly in the communal councils.

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It also intervenes in accordance with Morocco’s international commitments relating to gender equality, including positive measures in favor of women to accelerate effective equality in rights and opportunities and at all levels of decision-making in political life, economic and public, particularly at the local territorial level.

“This call is also part of the contribution of the experiences and experts of elected officials, at their head the presidents of municipal councils to enrich this debate on the areas of local public management and the governance of electoral institutions. and their development “, concludes the Association.

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