Joe Biden and Boris Johnson agree to “deepen” their alliance

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and new US President Joe Biden have agreed to “deepen” UK-US ties, Downing Street said in a statement following a telephone interview between the two leaders.

Boris Johnson congratulated his American counterpart on his inauguration as President of the United States, according to Downing Street, which notes that “the two leaders have planned to deepen the alliance between the two nations”.

They also “discussed the benefits of a possible free trade agreement between the two countries,” said the same source, adding that Boris Johnson “welcomed” the new policies undertaken by the Biden administration, including the return of the United States in the Paris climate agreement and within the World Health Organization (WHO).

For his part, Joe Biden “expressed his intention to strengthen the special relationship” between the two countries, stressing the “need for coordination on their common foreign policy priorities”.

“Fighting climate change, curbing Covid-19 and ensuring the health security of the world” are among the challenges to be met, insisted the American president.

The two leaders also expressed their wish to meet in the near future and to prepare together for the next Conference of the Parties on the climate (COP26) scheduled for Scotland in November 2021, reiterating their commitment to NATO and to the “values communities in the defense of human rights and democracy ”.

Joe Biden, 78, became the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday after being sworn in before Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, minutes after his running mate Kamala Harris was also sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States .

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