Interlibyan dialogue: Arab League welcomes agreements reached by Libyan parties in Morocco

The Arab League welcomed, on Sunday, the agreements reached by the delegations of the High Council of State and the Libyan House of Representatives during the new round of the interlibyan dialogue on the unification of Libyan institutions and the occupants of positions of sovereignty, held on January 22 and 23 in Bouznika, Morocco.

The Arab League said in a statement that this important progress will help resolve the Libyan crisis and advance the UN-sponsored settlement processes, especially regarding the formation of the new executive branch, the unification Libyan institutions, the implementation of the provisions of the ceasefire agreement and the start of preparations for the presidential and legislative elections.

The Arab League expressed its support for all the national efforts in which the Libyans are engaged in order to achieve an integrated political settlement of the situation in the country, welcoming in this regard the agreements concluded recently by the delegations of the High Council of State. and the House of Representatives in Egypt regarding constitutional arrangements for elections.

Delegations from the High Council of State and the Libyan House of Representatives agreed on Saturday in Bouznika on the formation and appointment of small working groups to take practical measures regarding occupants of positions of sovereignty .

In the final press release sanctioning the work of a new round of interlibyan dialogue, the two parties indicate that during this meeting, the revision of what was agreed on the implementation of the article was carried out. 15 of the 2015 Skhirat Political Agreement.

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