Coronavirus: One day in the world

Johns Hopkins University reports this Sunday, January 24, 2021, of nearly 99 million (98 986 275 (+620 976)) of proven cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) and also notes that the pandemic has caused more than 2 , 12 million (2,125,192+ 14,515) dead. 54,608,064 cases of remissions since the start of the epidemic in China a year ago have also been recorded. China suspends flights with France. London plans to pay € 560 to each positive person. In Brazil, Spain and Denmark, thousands of demonstrators marched yesterday Saturday to protest against the management of the crisis.

Morocco :

The Kingdom recorded during the 24 hours from Saturday 6 p.m. to Sunday 6 p.m., 520 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, 748 new healings and 22 new deaths, the health ministry said during its daily press briefing. Hespress’s watch and monitoring platform,, details that Morocco now has 466,289 confirmed cases, 8,150 deaths (i.e. a mortality rate of 1.75%), 442,441 cures, 4,822,622 cases excluded after negative laboratory tests (an increase of 9082), and 15,698 cases under treatment, including 767 in serious condition (66 under intubation).


In Africa the coronavirus is still spreading at its own pace and exceeds, on this Sunday, January 24, 2021, the 3.42 million cases. Africa CDC has recorded 3,421,147 cases of infections, 84,694 deaths and 2,881,677 remissions on the continent to date. South Africa is the cradle of the pandemic on the African continent, the number of new cases of contamination and deaths in 24 hours is exploding to such an extent that the country has closed its land borders. The number of confirmed cases is 1,404,839 (+12,271) and 40,575 (+498) dead. It is followed by Morocco 466,289 (+520) confirmed cases and 8,150 deaths (+22), Tunisia 195,314 and 6,154 deaths, Egypt, 161,143 cases and 8,902 deaths. Next come Ethiopia (133,298 cases and 2,063 deaths), Algeria 105,369 cases and 2,861 deaths, Libya 113,688 cases and 1,763 deaths, and Nigeria 120,602 cases and 1,502 deaths.

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France deplores 230 deaths from the coronavirus and 23,974 new contaminations in 24 hours. The death toll now stands at 73,019 deaths since the start of the epidemic, for a total of 3,094,017 confirmed cases of contamination, making it the sixth most affected country in the world and the seventh most bruised. More than a million people have been vaccinated in France. Italy has 2,466,813 (+11,628) cases and 85,461 (+299) deaths, 1.33 million people received a first injection of the vaccine. In the United Kingdom, there are sad records, Sunday January 24, 2021, 30,004 new cases and 1,348 deaths in 24 hours for a total of 3,647,463 cases and 97,339 deaths, more than 6.3 million people were vaccinated. Spain was yesterday at 2,499,560 (+43,885) confirmed cases and 55,441 (+400) deaths (Sunday figures not communicated. Russia exceeded the 3.7 million mark yesterday and reported this Sunday 24 January 2021 of 3,719,400 (+21,127) confirmed cases and 69,462 (+491) deaths, 1 million people received a first dose of vaccine against covid-19. Germany currently has 2,145,836 ( +11 955) recorded cases and 52,692 deaths (+507), 1,632,777 people received a first injection of the vaccine.


In the United States, the first country most affected and the most damaged, 3,649 deaths, on this Sunday, January 24, 2021, have been added to the saddest gruesome toll on the planet to make 418,329 deaths in total, while the number new cases of contamination amounted to 184,052, the country has 25,057,251 cases of infections. More than 20 million people have been vaccinated. In Canada, there are 5,124 new cases in 24 hours out of 742,518 in total and 18,974 deaths, including 146 since yesterday, 776,606 people have received a first injection. In Brazil, the daily death toll now stands at 1,153, bringing the total to 216,559. The country stands at 8,820,240 (+59,080) so far, 537,774 people have received a first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine. Mexico had a total of 1,515,301 (+13,181) cases and 129,844 (+342) deaths today. It is the fourth most bereaved country in the world, behind Brazil and the United States. Mexico has 1,922,882 cases of coronavirus (+ 22,127) and 160,238 (+ 1,384) deaths. Mexico City encourages its population not to go out. Peru has 1,040,231 cases of contamination and 38,399 deaths. Chile has 699,110 recorded cases and counts 17,933 deaths in total, Argentina, the twelfth most affected country in the world, has 1,862,192 cases and 46,737 deaths and Colombia has 2,002,969 cases and 50,982 deaths.

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In India, the second most populous country in the world with 1.3 billion inhabitants, 153,502 deaths (+ 156) were recorded on Sunday January 24, 2021, according to the Ministry of Health, the country has 10,668,275 confirmed cases (+14 889), India launched its mass vaccination campaign and vaccinated 1,390,592 people in 24 hours. South Korea has 75,084 cases of infections (+392) ​​and 1,349 deaths (+12). China reports 78 new infections with the coronavirus (Covid-19) in 24 hours and counts 88,996 cases in total and 4,635 (+0) dead. 15,000,000 people received a first injection of the vaccine in the country. Japan has 5,054 new cases of contamination and 101 deaths in 24 hours for a total of 356,074 cases and 4,935 deaths. Iran has 1,372,977 confirmed cases and 57,383 deaths, in total. Israel is still re-confined, the country has 595,097 (+4,933) confirmed cases and 4,361 deaths (+60) in total, 3,432,023 people have already received a first dose of vaccine.

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