angry cafetiers and restaurateurs

The owners of cafes and restaurants have expressed their willingness to discuss with the minister the various problems they are facing and to make proposals capable of mitigating the negative effects of the coronavirus on their sector, reports Al Massae. Only, Mr. Amekraz seems hermetic to any dialogue and any proposal.

In correspondence, the National Association of Cafe and Restaurant Owners said it called on Amekraz to find immediate solutions to save the industry from the crisis it is going through. Stressing that this corporation has thousands of employees who suffer from unemployment because of the restrictive measures taken by the government to fight against the coronavirus, it deplores the absence of concrete measures able to mitigate the repercussions of the pandemic on coffee makers and restaurateurs.

Faced with this situation, the association threatens to organize intense protest movements to defend the interests of its members and respond to the marginalization of this sector by the government and the economic watch committee. Noureddine El Harrak, president of the association, is sorry that the Minister of Employment has not responded to his multiple correspondence to save this sector from bankruptcy.

He pointed out that the legal arsenal of this profession suffers from dysfunctions which exclude employees from the health and social protection system. In addition, certain regulations make the profession vulnerable to the law, the administration and society, added Mr. El Harrak. According to him, the Ministry of Employment does not have a diagnostic study of the sector. Hence the importance of a dialogue between the association and Mr. Amekraz.

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