Lions Club Maroc / Ministry of National Education: a sealed partnership for the promotion of public and preschool education

A framework partnership agreement was signed on Saturday in Tangier between the Lions Club Morocco and the Ministry of National Education, vocational training, higher education and scientific research, with the objective of developing and improving the conditions of public and pre-school education.

This convention was initialed by the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Government Spokesman, Saïd Amzazi, and the Governor of District 416 of the association ” Lions Club international ”, Karim Essakalli, during a ceremony marked by the presence of several personalities, in particular the coordinator of the Global Leadership Team (GLT) of Lions Club Morocco, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, and the Wali of the region of Tangier-Tetouan -Al Hoceima, Mohamed Mhidia.

The objectives of the agreement are the development and improvement of the conditions of public education, the construction or rehabilitation of classes and learning spaces for preschool education at the national level, the promotion of the education of girls in rural environment and outlying districts, the organization of training to develop the capacities of educators in the field of preschool education, the organization of medical and awareness campaigns in public establishments, as well as the support of the activities of the school life, through environmental workshops and sports, cultural and artistic activities.

Under this agreement, the ministry undertakes to develop an action plan allowing coordination with the Regional Academies of Education and Training (AREFs) to implement the provisions of the convention, while the Lions Club Maroc is committed to contributing to the support, development and improvement of schooling conditions for children in precarious or disabled situations in public education, while providing support to the National Education Program inclusive and school life activities.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Amzazi stressed that the signing of this agreement, alongside another framework agreement with the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Deaf Children and Youth, will strengthen the partnership in two flagship projects, which have all the priority of the ministry, namely inclusive education and early childhood education.

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The Minister recalled, in this sense, the Royal letter sent by the Sovereign on July 18, 2018, on the National Day on preschool education, and the Speech from the Throne of July 29, 2018 in which King Mohammed VI called for make quality preschool an entry point for the reform of the entire education system, given that early childhood education not only allows children to succeed in school but also the fight against dropping out.

“The preschool project is an important project for the ministry, a generalized but high-quality preschool, and it is within this framework that we have developed a curriculum framework with the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), which is a quality benchmark ”, he said, noting the remarkable effort made in this direction, in particular by the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH).

In addition, Mr. Amzazi welcomed the priority given by the Lions Club Morocco to the preschool workcamp, informing that a set of preschool education classes are opening every day across the Kingdom, thanks to the efforts and at the work of the Lions Club Morocco.

For his part, Mr. Essakalli said that the signing of the two conventions is part of the modernist vision of HM King Mohammed VI for the Kingdom, by generalizing inclusive education and preschool education, called to become mandatory.

The partnership agreement between the Lions Club Morocco and the Ministry of Education will allow the District 416-Morocco to have all the facilities to carry out its social action within public establishments, more particularly through the creation of classes of preschool education, insisted Mr. Essakalli.

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The governor of District 416 of the “Lions Club international” association also highlighted the efforts made by the ministry to ensure a good integration of deaf children, and this by adapting the baccalaureate exam in the form of multiple choice questions. , which made it possible to achieve success rates of 100% of the students of the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Deaf Children and Youth.

Following the signing of the two framework partnership agreements with the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Deaf Children and Young People and the Lions Club Morocco, Mr. Amzazi and the accompanying delegation paid a visit to the Center for artistic awakening and literary from Tangier.

This center includes a set of artistic workshops aimed at enabling students from public establishments and school life clubs to express their creativity, in addition to an inclusive preschool room set up in partnership with the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Children and Deaf Youth.

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