CMI: Electronic banking activity in decline in 2020

The Center monétique interbancaire (CMI) announced that the overall achievements of the electronic payment activity in Morocco in 2020 amounted to 375 million transactions for a total of 322 billion dirhams (MMDH).

In a recent report, the CMI indicates that this activity, which includes cash withdrawal operations on the automatic teller machine (ABM) network, payment operations with merchants and eMerchants, payment operations on ATMs and Cash Advance transactions, by Moroccan and foreign bank cards, are down 9.4% in number of transactions and 7% in amount compared to 2019.

The Center also notes Moroccan card transactions, recorded, in payments and withdrawals, 365.4 million transactions for 310.4 billion dirhams (-6.9% in number and -2.3% in amount ), noting that they are broken down (77.6% in number and 89.7% in amount), in payment at merchants and eMerchants (21.8% in number and 10.2% in amount) and in payment on automatic teller machines (0.6% in number and 0.1% in amount).

In addition, highlights the said report, Moroccan card withdrawal operations on ATMs in Morocco totaled 283.6 million operations for 278.3 billion dirhams for the past year, down 10.3% in number and 2.9% in amount compared to 2019. Moroccan card payment transactions to merchants and eMerchants affiliated to the CMI, for their part, amounted to 79.7 million transactions for 31.7 MMDH, up 8.5% in number and 4.1% in amount.

Payments by Moroccan bank cards are distributed, in terms of volume, over supermarkets (32.6%), clothing (10.1%), stations (6.6%), furniture and household appliances ( 5.9%), the health sector (5.3%), restaurants (5.3%) and other sectors (34%), he adds.

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In addition, the CMI indicates that payment transactions on ATMs by Moroccan cards for the payment of bills, taxes and the purchase of Telecom recharges totaled 2 million operations for 327.5 million dirhams (MDH), in 28.5% decline in number and 20.4% in amount.

As for Moroccan cards with international validity, they carried out 10.4 million transactions abroad, withdrawals and payments, for 4.2 billion dirhams, marking a growth of 4.8% in number and a decrease in 25.4% in amount.

The foreign cards business, for its part, recorded, in payments and withdrawals, 9.6 million transactions for 11.6 billion dirhams, down 55.4% in number and 59.5% in amount. .

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