Donald Trump’s last day at the White House, suspense until the end

Party atmosphere, so-so, in Washington for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and if it was time for the dress rehearsal for the National Guard on Monday, before the parade of the event, scheduled for Wednesday that we s don’t be mistaken, the federal capital which seems for several days to be under a state of siege, does not have as festive spirit as in previous “editions”.

Washington is traumatized in this by the murderous assault on Capitol Hill. Also the security measures surrounding the investiture ceremony are exceptional. About 25,000 National Guard troops and thousands of police officers from across the country will be deployed to provide security. At the White House, there was an endless ballet of moving trucks and loaded boxes and for good reason, Donald Trump & family will leave the presidential palace on Wednesday January 20 and the presidential couple will fly to Florida on Thursday without even having attended the investiture ceremony. A first for at least 150 years.

Melania Trump replacing her husband in her favorite exercise on Twitter from which the outgoing president is now excluded, tweeted a farewell message to the American people on Monday: ” Be patient in everything you do. But always remember, violence is not an answer and is never justified “. A direct reference to the murderous assault on the Capitol, which took place on Wednesday January 6, 2021.

This being Donald Trump for his last day in the White House, intends to govern as he has always understood. He announced the upcoming lifting of the entry ban for Brazilian and European travelers, a measure immediately rejected by his successor Joe Biden. But that is nothing because if one relies on several American media, the Republican billionaire could strike a blow by largely using his final moments of power, in a last snub to his adversaries.

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He could pardon up to a hundred people on his last day. Donald Trump had already laundered collaborators and relatives, some having been convicted in connection with the investigation into a possible collusion between Russia and his campaign team in 2016. His pardons could concern Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, the rapper Lil Wayne, who faces up to 10 years in prison for possession of a gun, a famous Florida doctor convicted of fraud, or his disgraced former advisor Steve Bannon.

Even more, dare the media which have often been hostile to him during his mandate. Trump could also pardon himself, members of his family or some of the attackers against the Capitol on January 6, when hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the seat of Congress in an attempt to invalidate Joe Biden’s victory. Enough to panic Nancy Pelosi & co and some rebel republicans.

Donald Trump will leave the White House on a final poll that is unfavorable to him. It is even the worst figure of his mandate, with 34% of good opinions on his action, according to a survey by the Gallup * institute published Monday, January 18. The incumbent president’s popularity has hit an all-time low. Several times in 2017, he had reached a low of 35% of favorable opinions, especially after the deadly violence during a rally, in the summer, of the American far right in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Gallup Institute, which since 1938 has measured the popularity of White House hosts throughout their terms of office, points out that Donald Trump is the only one who has never reached the 50% mark of favorable opinions. Donald Trump thus started his presidency with 45% satisfaction, before reaching 49% in early 2020, and 46% before the election on November 3. But his refusal to acknowledge his defeat and his supporters’ assault on Congress on January 6, not to mention his handling of the Covid-19 epidemic, have contributed to the erosion of his popularity in recent months.

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