Ukraine on track to become Morocco’s leading wheat supplier

According to USDA data, Ukraine could emerge as Morocco’s top wheat supplier. The American department affirms that this European country will benefit from dynamic import demand due to the weakness of Moroccan domestic supply as well as less competition on the international market.

Moroccan wheat imports are expected to reach a record volume of 6.5 million tonnes of wheat in the 2020/2021 season, around 35% more than imports in 2019/2020. “This significant increase was mainly due to low domestic production and the suspension of import duties,” it says.

In a context of a fall in the harvest to 2.5 million tonnes, or half of its five-year level, traditional suppliers (Russia and France) will be less competitive compared to Ukraine. The recent imposition of export tax on wheat has raised the price of the Russian commodity. As for France, it suffers from a low harvest and a less favorable quality / price ratio, which will reduce its volumes shipped to Morocco.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has decided on duty-free entry until May 31 of soft wheat shipments. According to the USDA, the country has doubled its soft wheat exports to Morocco compared to last year at the same time. These are all assets that will certainly enable it to establish itself as the leading supplier of wheat to Morocco.

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