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The coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 2,046,877 people worldwide since the appearance of the very first carrier cases in China in December 2019.

The total number of cases having contracted the virus has reached 95,918,366 people worldwide of which 25,433,603 are considered active cases while 68,437,886 are considered recovered from the disease. In addition, a total of 40,401,540 people have already been vaccinated worldwide.

The United States is the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 397,600 deaths, followed by Brazil (209,847), India (152,419 deaths), Mexico (140,704), and the United Kingdom (89.261).

A total of 60 countries have already started their vaccination campaign and continue to obtain doses from the various producers. Currently, Israel is leading the vaccination race. The country has already vaccinated 24.5% of its population.

The United Kingdom, which has authorized several vaccines to immunize its population hit hard by a more contagious mutation, opened on Monday vaccination for over 70s and has already vaccinated more than four million people. The country intends to vaccinate 15 million priority people by February.

In a report submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO), independent experts said the WHO and Beijing could have acted faster to slow the spread of the virus. They felt that this “epidemic (was) largely hidden”, which allowed it to reach the stage of a pandemic.

Leq experts point out that “referring to the initial chronology of the first phase of the epidemic, we see that it would have been possible to act faster on the basis of the first signs”, when Beijing has just arrived. to authorize a team of experts to try to discover the origin of the virus, one year later.

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An epidemiologist and co-chair of the scientific committee at the South African Ministry of Health, said Monday that the new variant of the South African coronavirus, identified in October “is 50% more transmissible”.

But “there is no indication that the new variant is more severe,” said Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, while this variant is the most dominant in the country. The professor further claims that the South African mutation, 510Y.V2, is no more lethal than covid-19.

These conclusions are drawn in particular from data collected in the main sources of contamination in the southern African country.

China on Monday confined an additional three million people in the northeast of the country, after new cases linked to a sales representative who came into contact with elderly people.

The country also recorded a positive GDP in 2020 (+ 2.3%) although at its lowest for more than 40 years, while most of the major economies remain in recession.

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