Muslim Uyghurs: Dominic Raab calls on China to let the UN investigate

After denouncing the “barbarism” of practices used by China regarding the treatment of the Muslim minority of Uyghurs, the British foreign minister Dominic Raab called on Beijing to let an independent UN team investigate.

“We are campaigning for an authoritative third party, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to carry out this visit” aimed at shedding light on the situation of the Uighurs in China, said the British Foreign Minister, on the Sky News channel.

What is being inflicted on the Muslim Uighur minority is “absolutely shameful, revolting, shocking,” he added. Several non-governmental organizations and independent bodies have alerted to the treatment inflicted on this Chinese minority, which finds itself sent to these concentration centers.

Forced labor, confinement, torture, forced sterilization, list the experts, referring to the abuse inflicted on this community in the Xinjiang region. They are more than a million Uyghurs concerned.

But the Chinese authorities refute these accusations by explaining that the Uyghurs are sent to vocational rehabilitation centers.

In response to accusations from British diplomacy, Chinese Ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun denounced interference in China’s “internal affairs” and “a purely political attack”.

To this, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said there is a “simple way” to shed light on this matter, if China feels it has nothing to hide. It should “allow the UN commissioner on human rights to visit and have access to these sites,” he said.

“Frankly, we shouldn’t be engaging in free trade negotiations with countries that violate human rights well below the genocide line,” added the British foreign minister.

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