The weather will be this Thursday, January 14, 2021

Below is the weather forecast for Thursday, January 14, 2021, as established by the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM)

– Quite cold to cold weather on the Atlas, the Rif, the South-East, the Oriental and the interior of the country with local jelly.

– Low clouds and local foggy formations at night and in the morning near the North and Center coasts.

– Stable weather and partly cloudy to clear skies elsewhere.

– Sand hunting in places in the southern provinces.

– Moderate north-easterly wind over the southern provinces and variable elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of the order of -10 / -04 ° C on the Atlas, of -04 / 02 ° C on the Rif, Oriental and Southeast, of 00 / 05C ° on the Phosphate plateaus and Oulmés and the North and Center plains, 04/09 ° C on the coasts and 06/13 ° C on the southern provinces.

– Slightly agitated to agitated seas on the Mediterranean Sea and on the Strait as well as slightly agitated to agitated becoming the evening agitated to strong between Essaouira and Lagouira.

– Maximum temperatures of around 01/09 ° C on the Atlas and the Rif, 10/17 ° C in the North, Center, Oriental and South-East, 16/22 ° C in the Souss and the north of the southern provinces and 21/26 ° C in the extreme south of the country.

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