Morocco wants to strengthen its military cooperation with the United States

A high-level meeting took place on Tuesday in Rabat between Abdeltif Loudyi, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of the National Defense Administration and Anthony Tata, US Under-Secretary of Defense, in charge of Political Affairs , on a three-day working visit to the kingdom. The two officials discussed Moroccan-American military cooperation.

In a press release relayed by The Map, the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces noted that the meeting took place in execution of the royal instructions relating to the holding of the 11th session of the Defense Advisory Committee (DCC). According to the same document, the discussions revolved around the strength, excellence and sustainability of the privileged ties and the exceptional strategic partnership that bind the two countries.

The two officials also announced their plan to further develop these centuries-old relations in the same spirit of friendship, mutual understanding and shared trust, the statement continued. While capitalizing on his country’s experiences in the fight against terrorism, illicit trafficking and the humanist management of the migration crisis under the constant leadership of King Mohammed VI, the minister proposed to consolidate military cooperation with the United States.

He therefore invited the US Department of Defense to further explore collaboration opportunities for the establishment in Morocco of joint defense industry projects, the same source said.

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