convicted of stealing eggs

The Benguerir court of first instance sentenced a worker to one month in prison with a fine of 130 DH for the theft of 16 eggs.

The accused was a worker in an egg packaging unit belonging to a member of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM). He took her to court after accusing her of theft in his factory. Following the intervention of the party secretary general, Abdellatif Ouahbi, the elected representative withdrew his complaint. The accused was subsequently prosecuted on bail.

This case angered party activists. They denounced a relentlessness against the worker. The PAM deputy claimed that his ex-employee regularly stole eggs from her factory. In all, 10,800 eggs. The defense lawyer formally rejects this accusation. The accused finally confesses. She admitted to having stolen 16 eggs for the first time in her life.

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